Our 5 actions for Racial Justice and Anti-Racism at Rambert School

At Rambert School, we have been continuing our discussions and making changes with a specific focus on Racial Justice and promoting active Anti-racism practices. We accept that breaking down long-standing, structural and problematic racist inequalities will take time, and this is an ongoing commitment. We also know we must start somewhere, so committed ourselves to 5 key action points in the academic year 2020/21 along with further updates. 

Our 5 actions for Racial Justice and Anti-Racism at Rambert School 

  1. Actively recruit counselling team members who can support Black and Global Majority students through their daily experiences, recognising that racism impacts their daily life 
  2. Support our students and staff in developing confidence in discussing social issues and to become racially literate. Racial literacy is the ability to recognise, respond to and counter racism 
  3. Encourage student engagement and agency on racial justice and active anti-racism 
  4. Create a steering group to guide the work of the school with external input 
  5. Hold regular training and learning opportunities that address issues of racial discrimination 

We have been hosting insightful panel discussions with staff, students and dancers, as well as regularly sharing resources. We worked with external experts and educators and are actively organising further training. 

Find out more about the constructive steps we have taken in promoting Racial Justice and Anti-racism here. 

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