Statement Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

2nd June 2020

Statement Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Posted on #blackouttuesday


Rambert School understands and acknowledges our role as both a higher education institution and one that plays a direct role in shaping culture in our artistic disciplines and the wider arts and cultural sectors.  We also recognise the lack of diversity at all levels permeating these sectors, including our own institution, and how this lack perpetuates the existing systems of oppression.

We continue to see grave and incontrovertible evidence both in the UK and the wider world that the racial oppression of Black individuals and communities is a constant and ongoing struggle. Now, more than ever, is the time to act to break down the pervasive societal structures that maintain and reinforce this inequality and oppression.  We know that ultimately, this costs lives.

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and are committed to fighting against white supremacy and systematic, institutionalised racism and racial inequality that continues to oppress and attack Black communities around the world.

We stand in solidarity with our Black students, staff, alumni, artists, audiences, community and everyone speaking out against racial injustice. We stand against inequality and will strive to do more through our work to challenge systemic racism.

We encourage our communities to call out racism, act in protest, donate to funds if they can and educate themselves. As an institution we are committed to being better allies: to listening more, doing better and building a supportive community where all members feel seen and heard.

As artists and educators, we have a duty to actively create change.  Silence makes us complicit in the continuation of this oppression and inequality.

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