Trans-Global collaborations

This is was an ambitious project aiming to initiate cross-cultural exchange between Rambert School and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) through choreography and developing a working model for a collaborative process in two distant locations.

The purpose of this research project was to explore choreographic processes with students from Rambert School, London, United Kingdom, alongside their counterparts in QUT in Brisbane, Australia. We aimed to explore a framework on how each group can impact on the process of the other through the use of technology (as a facilitator for breaking the geographical boundaries).

Project Aims

· Facilitate creative exchanges with dance colleagues from across the globe

· Collaborate remotely and discover creative possibilities within a virtual environment

· Challenge creative and choreographic concepts in working with virtual applications

· Discover new ways of working within dance which are sustainable

· Discover new ways of documenting process and creative exchanges


Due to the impact of Covid – this is an ongoing project still in progress.


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