Q & A – Community Dance & Yoga Classes at Rambert School, Richmond

4th December 2018

Q & A - Community Dance & Yoga Classes at Rambert School, Richmond

Thinking ahead to new year we wanted to remind you about the community classes that we host at the School and introduce you to our Outreach and Participation Manager Citi.

Citi facilitates and develops outreach activity within the school

What classes are on offer?

Rambert School has long been known for it’s excellent and creative approach to dance teaching and learning and the school offers a number of classes for all ages and abilities from open level yoga, to improver adult ballet to children’s dance classes.

Open Level Yoga

SATURDAYS 10:00-11:15
12th January – 23rd March (No classes Saturday 16th February)
£90 / term OR £11 / drop-in

Beginner/Improver Ballet

TUESDAYS 19:00-20:15
15th January – 26th March (no class 19th February)
£90 / term OR £11 / drop-in

Open Level Contemporary Dance

WEDNESDAYS 19:00-20:15
16th January – 27th March (no class 20th February)
£90 / term OR £11 / drop-in

Why were the classes set up?

The classes were set up as part of one of Rambert School Principal’s initiatives, when principle Amanda Britton took her role in 2016, one of her first actions was to open the door to Rambert School and share what we have with the local community.  The community classes are hosted within the state of the art studios and are available as either weekly drop ins or on a termly basis.

What should I expect from each class?

Open Level Yoga | 18+ years

Amy’s class combines styles of Yoga, focusing on Vinyasa and Hatha flow, with creative and intelligently sequenced flows, a focus on physicality and a sense of fun throughout. (Rambert School has mats available to use)

Beginner/Improver Ballet | 18+ years

The 10-week course will focus on the fundamental principles of classical ballet technique. Ballet positions, alignment and movements will be methodically explored to encourage improved coordination, balance, posture, and muscle tone.

Open Level Contemporary Dance | 18+ years

The 10-week course will focus on the fundamentals of contemporary dance. Movement quality will be explored through the study of spirals, fall and recovery, balance, breath, and alignment to encourage a strengthening and centering of both mind and body.

Why should I drop in?

At Rambert School, we are passionate about dance and the many benefits it brings to life. Our classes are friendly and fun and open to all and taught by expert associated artists.  Our classes aim to share our knowledge, passion and love for dance.  There are so many benefits of dance: Love of learning, Creativity, Ownership, Leadership, Fitness, Agility, Flexibility.  Classes are also drop in so you can commit to what you can and fit in your exercise with your daily life seamlessly.

What should you wear?

Yoga – bare feet, comfortable clothes to stretch and move in.

Ballet – socks or ballet shoes, comfortable clothes to move in.

Contemporary Dance – bare feet or socks, comfortable clothes to move in.

If you have any questions yourself, please email




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