A new look for Rambert School

28th June 2016

A new look for Rambert School

We are delighted to launch our ‘new look’ brand and website. Created in conjunction with Design Culture, the rebrand offers a fresh, relevant, more up to date look which will best represent us as we move forward towards our centenary year in 2020.

We are delighted to be launching a new logo, using the name ‘Rambert School’. The aim of a logo is both to create the image and identity of a brand and then to build immediate recognition of it.  We believe this new logo, which is shorter and punchier, will have greater visual impact when it needs to appear against partner logos or is competing visually for presence.  The logo is a visual representation of the brand and does not fully describe the brand or represent everything it does. The full name of the School remains ‘Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance’ and this will still be used in full or as a fuller description in longer text, where relevant and appropriate.


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