Fees & Finance

Rambert School is a part of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, a higher education institution. Fees are set the same for all Schools in the Conservatoire and they are approved by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA).

Fees for UK and EU students applying for the FD/BA (Hons) Degree courses in Ballet and Contemporary Dance are set at £9,250 for 2017-18.  At present this fee is supplemented by government grants provided through the Conservatoire to reach the full training cost.

Course fees for the year 2017-18 are £17,850 for overseas students. The level of this course fee may be increased in subsequent years of study by an inflationary amount determined by Government as set out in the terms and conditions and school fees policy, section three. The Maximum total course fees for the three years of your course will therefore be approx. £53,550 plus an inflationary increase.

At Rambert School we are committed to the recruiting the most talented students regardless of their financial circumstances. To make this possible there is a range of financial support available to our students.

Full information about current fees and loans, scholarships and bursaries is available on the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama website where you can download a copy of their booklet on Fees and Financial Assistance.

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For more information please refer to our Rambert School Fees Policy.  If you require any further information after reading these pages or visiting the Conservatoire’s website, please contact Judy Bowden, Head of Admissions:

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