We want to strengthen the power of dance to impart and affect change

12th June 2020

We want to strengthen the power of dance to impart and affect change

During the last couple of weeks we have been reflecting on current events, the acts of solidarity and the calls to action that we have seen and heard in our community. We have looked inwardly and listened to our students and staff on issues of racism, discrimination and marginalisation. There is a renewed energy behind the cause of amplifying voices.  


What we realise more than ever is that dance can give voice, dance can liberate, dance can emancipate, dance can be an act of resistance, dance can revolutionise – it has done throughout its history time and time again. We want to strengthen this power of dance and dancers to impart and affect change in the world. We want to diminish the side of dance that discriminates or disenfranchises people. There has been a call for change – everyone at Rambert School is committed to being part of it. 


We want to embark on the next 100 years of our history by being active agents of change and will use our platforms to share, amplify and elevate a diverse range of voices.  


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