The importance of access to higher education

20th November 2018

The importance of access to higher education

November 28th 2018 marks World Higher Education Day, an important talking point that aligns with the values of the outreach work of Rambert School.  Access to higher education and specialised training is important regardless of background and that is why amongst many opportunities provided by Rambert School that we have scholarships in place and our student bursary fund.  We wanted to talk more about the details of these alongside our community and outreach projects to show how the school champions accessibility, diversity not only through it’s own projects but in support of it’s alumni.  In this article we will share information on Aspire a project in low participation areas that supports access to higher education and inspires young dancers as well as Moving Assembly an alumnus project supported by Rambert School that created works in South Africa.


Aspire is a project in partnership with Twickenham School, Hampton High and Springwest Academy.The aim of the project is to encourage GCSE students to pursue their interest in dance, give access to high quality dance training, provide insight into conservatoire training, and the avenues in which you can pursue dance.  Following a pilot year in 2016 the project is now running in full.  The project allows the School to bridge the gap between local secondary schools and higher education while demystifying the dance school process and industry.  It is not elitist and the ethos of Marie Rambert was to create a place to train that creates unique creatives and performers and not behave like a ‘sausage factory.’  The project involves the 3rd year Rambert School students visiting year 10 GCSE dance students over an 8 week module to do three things:

They teach a full technique class, and create a work on them

The Aspire schools then visit us in November and perform the three works to one another, and the rest of our school in our studio theatre.

On the performance day, they watch some of our classes

This project not only bolsters the Rambert School students’ final year and training but adds to their skill set and supports the community. It is not a small undertaking alongside the rest of their final year performances and training but it brings a great deal to them and the community, giving young dancers something to ‘aspire’ to.

A final overview from Outreach and Development manager Citi

The project is FREE for schools. We are working with schools in Low Participation Neighbourhoods (in terms of Higher Education participation) as part of our commitment to break down the barriers to training for those who may not be able to access it through private dance lesson.   The school offers one free place to a student from each school who has shown great potential to our Saturday young people’s classes, for two terms. It’s a great opportunity for our students, many of whom won’t have taught before or created a youth dance work.  Our students are mentored through the process and great professional experience for them

Moving Assembly- Dane Hurst Alumni

Moving Assembly Project is inspired by the need to celebrate dance as a cross-cultural art form belonging to a shared human identity.  Starting by connecting London with the harbour city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa it aims to connect people, artists and students from diverse backgrounds and communities from all corners of the world, through facilitating the creation of dance and art.

The vision of the Moving Assembly Project is to uplift and transform the lives of at-risk youth through an inclusive and cross-cultural Art programme

Dance training, choreography and creative workshops

Creating new work for performance, study and exhibition

Creating facilities for dance training and performance

Rambert School-Registered charity

Our vocation is to realise the potential of every single student.  Each member of staff here at Rambert School welcomes individuality, and this is at the heart of our teaching.  As a registered charity we rely on funding to support our students and use sponsorship programmes and the student bursary fund to support our talented young dancers with their training and living costs.  Find more about equality, diversity and support within the school here.


The School also takes part in schools workshops to engage the local area as well as weekly community adult and children classes including dance and yoga.  The workshops have included the ISSP day at Orleans Park which involved 7 schools.

Your Higher education

If you’d like to take the next step towards higher education yourself whether that’s via full time training or an interim course in preparation for a BA you can find out more about our pre-vocational, summer and autumn intensives.  The courses we offer are accessible for dancers of all backgrounds and bursaries and support are available for both short courses and full time training at Rambert School.


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