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Student Bursary Fund

Rambert School’s philosophy is that every talented dancer who wishes to train should be offered the opportunity to do so. In an effort to make this philosophy a reality, £130,000 worth of bursaries are dispersed every year to the majority of our exceptionally gifted students and those students in need of additional financial support.

This is where you can help.  Why not donate to our Student Bursary Fund to support students directly? The Fund helps to pay for the day to day necessities of being a student of dance – ballet shoes, tights, travel, auditions, accommodation costs, and tuition fees. These expenses can mount up as the year progresses.

Through your support, you can enable a student who demonstrates creative potential, excellence and financial need to access or continue their training to achieve their maximum potential.

Some examples of the difference your donation can make to a young dancer’s training:

£25 – pays for a pair of soft ballet shoes
(a typical student uses up to 12 pairs a year)
£50 – pays for a pair of pointe shoes
(a female dance student may go through 10 pairs each year)
£100 – covers the cost to attend a UK audition
£250 – pays for dancewear for one student for the year
£500 – pays for one month’s accommodation costs
£3,000 – pays for one term of tuition fees for a UK/EU student
£5,000 – contributes towards tuition fees for an Overseas student

To donate to our student bursary fund please use the Donation form below or contact Rachel Tranter or telephone Rambert School on 0208 892 9960.


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