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“One of the most satisfying things about giving a bursary to Rambert School is the pleasure one feels from watching a student progress and become a fully-fledged dancer with a career ahead. ”  Wayne Sleep OBE

Our students face challenging financial obligations.  They need to finance their tuition fees and living expenses in London, and whilst a number can obtain government loans, these are never sufficient to cover all their costs and in any case a number of students are not eligible for government support.  Brexit has increased the uncertainty for the future funding of EU students.  Admission to the School is based purely on artistic merit and potential and we pride ourselves on never turning away a talented student due to lack of financial means.  We rely on individuals, companies and grant-making trusts to support these exceptional young dancers.

Through your support, you can enable a student who demonstrates creative potential, excellence and financial need to access or continue their training to achieve their maximum potential.

Some of the ways you can support Rambert School students are:

Student Bursary Fund
Inner Circle
Students Sponsorship Programme


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