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Carolina CortesiAlumnus and Dancer with Plzen Ballet


Following graduation Carolina Cortesi was offered a two year soloist contract with Plzen Ballet.  In her first season she had the opportunity to dance many different roles both from ballet repertoire and contemporary works including Swan lake pas de trois, little swans and Romeo and Juliet.  Her full bio can be viewed on the Alumni page. She is now starting her second season with DJKT Theatre (Plzen Ballet).

What memories do you have of your time at Rambert School?

In the 3 years of training you collect so many memories.  Each year for me was different, not just because of the different academic program but artistically and mentally.  So many new sensations and pieces of knowledge were accumulating within me which taught me so much about my self.  They will always be stored and used as a tool to reconnect with the school that gave me so much.  Maybe the best memories of Rambert School are of the judgeent free environment that surrounds the school.

What do you think makes Rambert School so special? 

I think what makes Rambert School unique is a mixture of a few aspects.

  • The first is their particular values.  I think the main value that makes Rambert School special is the way they celebrate individuality.  As soon as I stepped into Rambert School I felt confused; in all my life as a student, I had always been told how to do a step, or how to behave; but I was never stopped and encouraged to think about the reason why I was being told these things.  Rambert Schoo taught me how to think, how to be conscious of my choices and how to take responsibilities for my own decisions. Just after the 3 years of school I realised that Rambert School gave me the total freedom to be myself as a performer and as a student.  As a student, when you first start your journey at the school you will start to notice and appreciate that every one of your peers is unique in their own way.  Slowly you will start to learn not only from the teachers but also from your friends and recognise yourself as a beautiful and unique being too.  You will become a sponge…absorb everything and later you will be able choose what you need from the different information collected and become a super versatile artist.
  • Quality and never-ending research.  The Principal, admin staff, teachers and guest teachers are all components of the school that add to a student’s training.  It was really amazing for me to see during my three years of training how the school kept refining and changing.  Evey year something was upgraded to a better version to improve life for the dancers. Teachers were always aware of the latest developments in dance and always excited to bring this new knowledge t class and share their information with us.
  • Respect, support and equality.  With every member of staff I always felt able to talk wit them without feeling under pressure or there being any hierachy or difference between us.  Thanks to them I learnt how to respect myself as a person and others.  Once I established that I could then feel free to open myself up and discuss my difficulties and my thoughts.  I always received the support that I needed.
  • The facilities at Rambert School are so special with 5 studios for training with one of them transforming into a theatre for shows and solo assessments.  The Pilates room is so important for conditioning along with the Screening, Treatment and Rehabilitation Room (STRU).  The library is also full of interesting books and magazines as well as computers.  All over the school there are resting areas where you can nap or stretch between classes and a beautiful garden where you can rest or tan in the spring term.

What advice would you give to new students about training or the dance world?

Love what you do. Believe in yourself and always be open to any and every challenge.  Be prepared to work hard but always with passion.

I am building on my experience as a professional dancer but what I have learnt during my first season is that in the end it is always passion that saves you.Unfortunately, the industry in which we work is very competitive.  But you need to remember why you started dancing and that passion is what carries you through if things get tough or your confidence gets knocked. If you’re truly passionate about dance you will always find the strngth you need to overcome every single obstacle and keep discovering new things about yourself.


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