Applicant Hub | FD/BA degree programme

A space for applicants to discover useful links and key information to support the audition and application process.

We’ve picked out key news stories and short films for potential applicants and will be adding a new FAQ page which will include the most common questions asked in 2020 and 2021, by people interested in applying for the FD/BA degree programme.

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Useful links for applicants

FAQs on the Digital Audition Process
Day to day training and student life
FD/BA degree programme Course Content
How to apply for FD/BA degree programme
Read how our training has adapted during COVID-19
Performance Highlights

Our studios are empty, but our training is full

We continue to train creatively as we search for our next cohort of innovative dancers for 2021/22 entry.

We are Rambert School

Meet our current cohort of students.

International students share their audition & training experience

Australian students Jett, Sarah and Clare share their experience of travelling overseas to train, their individual audition experiences from our previous international audition tour and what day to day life is like for them at the School.

For more student experiences explore our social media for takeovers.

Find out more information about International auditions and applications here.

Information for Japanese applicants here.

Photo Gallery of our Studios and Building

Take a look at our current studio spaces. In addition to these we also have an outdoor garden studio, a gym and during COVID-19 have hired extra spaces including the Normansfield Theatre.


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