Student Blog: Pre-Vocational Training

13th April 2019

Student Blog: Pre-Vocational Training

#StudentBlog by Mark

Before I joined the course in September 2018, I was the only boy in my local dance school. Hungry for the chance to dance in a more high profile setting, I applied for the Pre-Vocational Course. My ambition was to become a dancer. However, the significant gap between my own experiences and the standard expected for full-time dance programmes drove me to look for professional guidance. Acceptance on the course has been invaluable to my training. Not only have I developed my technique, but I feel the school environment exudes creative freedom – never once have I felt judged for my background, dance experience or where I trained previously. I feel completely free to learn, create and develop my own knowledge of dancing in its entirety.

Guest choreographers, external performances and working with full-time students extend the opportunities beyond Saturday classes. Tutors work closely with the students and for the male dancers, designated time for coaching results in precise and personal corrections every week. As a young male dancer, this is extremely helpful. There is a definite feeling of community which comes from the course and training weekly with other young, passionate dancers making for a truly enriching environment. Many students been offered places in top dance schools in the UK following this course and I would recommend Rambert Pre-Vocational to anyone who is passionate about developing their dancing ability to a professional standard.

The Pre-Vocational course develops the individual skills of a dancer in preparation for higher education.  Not only do students work with teachers from our FD/BA programme, they also learn in our state of the art facilities. It is really important that along with our Full time FD/BA training, that this course is accessible and have bursary funding available. We look for potential in our auditionees and many dancers often have more experience or a stronger background in one style over another.  If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch – applications are open now. Full details of the course and bursary information can be found here.


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