Student Blog – Blair Moore talks about his Lockdown Documentary

16th July 2020

I am a first-year student at Rambert School. Being a dancer, I have found a love for filmmaking and partake in this alongside my training. I have always thought of making my first documentary with the theme of dancers in training as I believe there is much to uncover regarding this topic. However, when the school was forced to close in March due to COVID-19, I turned this original theme into documenting dancers in training during lockdown. Despite all the emotions we were faced with, we stayed connected virtually and encouraged one another, even though we were apart.

I wanted the documentary to emphasise how dedicated both students and staff at Rambert School are in preparing us for future dance careers. As students, we have all embodied a different form of self-motivation and discipline that will benefit us in the future. I was keen to show the students versatility and how quickly we have all adapted to the situation. Rambert School dealt with the situation with such positivity. They found solutions quickly, informed us accordingly and most importantly, they kept our spirits high.

Watch Alone as One.


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