Arran GreenContemporary Dance Tutor

Arran Green, originally from North London, is a dance lecturer that specialises in the ‘ground based’ techniques that contribute to modern contemporary floor work. An early background in Capoeira gave him an acute understanding of how to successfully move through the floor as well as the uniting power of movement and its place within community and personal development. During adolescence, breaking and the larger culture of HipHop presented similar opportunities to create a personal movement style, connect to a community and support overall growth on and off the floor, all hallmarks of the culture and now core values that are maintained in his classroom today.

Coming from a more cultural dance background students can expect to find themselves in a slightly different learning environment, challenge themselves in new creative ways and gain access to less conventional areas of the body. His classes are designed to build genuine strength and understanding in an area that can often be glossed over even in high level contemporary dance education.

Beyond teaching both at Rambert School and at The Place, Arran sits on the board of trustees at Saddlers Wells, and is a legacy ambassador for the National Youth Dance Company of England, but above all remains sworn to representing the pedagogy and intellect of the cultures that have lead him to these opportunities.


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