Spotlight: Rebecca Parker, MA Dance Research Student

13th December 2022

Spotlight: Rebecca Parker, MA Dance Research Student
Today’s Rambert School Spotlight is First Year MA student, Rebecca Parker from Durham. Becki is passionate about dance and making it accessible to everyone, particularly those who identify as autistic/neurodivergent.
As well as being a contemporary dance artist, Becki works for an organisation called Inclusive North, as a leadership coach. As a leadership coach she creates and delivers inclusive training courses to adults with a learning disability or who are autistic.
Q – Tell us about your research practice, Becki.
A – I am very interested in human rights and governance. My research focuses on governance and leadership in the arts. I am keen to enable more people who identify as autistic to become leaders, directors and trustees in the dance sector. I believe having more diverse leadership will guide the sector to becoming more inclusive, diverse and accepting of neurodivergent people by having their influence right at the top. I plan to devise training courses for autistic people in the arts sector and for people who do not identify as disabled but are already in or plan to take on leadership positions in the arts.
Q – What attracted you to Rambert School’s MA course?
A – I was attracted to Rambert School because of its exceptional teaching faculty and the talent it has trained, nurtured and grown over the years. I am drawn to images on social media of Rambert School’s students and it is very inspiring to watch them dance.
Q – How is Rambert School helping to develop you as a professional practitioner and why would you recommend this course?
A – As an autistic person I was really anxious about studying at MA level and it has sometimes felt quite intimidating to look at the work of other researchers. I struggle with reading, processing, comprehension and sensory overload, but the tutors at Rambert School have been incredibly supportive and nurturing towards me. I really enjoy working with them and the other students are also very kind and understanding. Rambert School has an inclusive culture that seems to be embedded in to every part. If something is not working or is difficult, they are very open to adapting things to support their students and it all just happens naturally. It feels very personal and not one size fits all, which is really inspiring.
Q – What’s your New Year’s resolution?
A – My New Year’s resolution is to do more self care and to use my diary.


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