Spotlight: Gary Trow, Technical Theatre Manager

6th December 2022

Spotlight: Gary Trow, Technical Theatre Manager

Stepping into the spotlight today is Rambert School’s Technical Theatre Manager, Gary Trow. Working with both external choreographers and our student body, Gary has designed the lighting for 127 pieces of choreography (and counting) since he joined Rambert School in May 2022!

Q – So Gary, tell us more about your role at Rambert School

A – I’m the Technical Theatre Manager. which means that, if I were to break my role down into percentages, it would be….

4% lighting design for productions

3% audio preparation

5% organising and implementing infrastructural systems

3% filming and uploading student footage

2% administration, preparation and operation for off site shows

83% telling students to take their feet off the the theatre auditorium seats

Q – What’s your favourite thing about Rambert School?

A – Despite my natural grace, my perchance to do “the robot”, and what I told the panel during my interview for this job, I have absolutely no background in dance, so I am constantly in awe of what the students can do; their talent blows my mind daily.

Q – Can you tell us something we may not know about you?

A – I assume you’ve all done your research and know almost everything about me, but a little known fact is that it is my dream is to put on a show called either The Matthew Bourne Identity or Matthew Bourne’s Jason Bourne or Jason Bourne’s Swan Lake; it would basically be the retelling of the the Jason Bourne movies through the medium of ballet.

I also recently had the idea for Breaking Ballet, which would be all of Breaking Bad done through ballet.

Q – What’s your New Year’s resolution?

A – Find a cash investor for the above!


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