Spotlight: Eliana Hayward, Second Year Student

24th December 2022

Dancing into the Rambert School spotlight today is Second Year FD/BA student, Eliana Hayward, all the way from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Q – As an overseas student, what attracted you to Rambert School, Eliana?

A – When I first researched Rambert, it became the top school that I hoped to apply for. I’m so incredibly grateful to be here!

I first heard about Rambert School through mentors back in the United States; they mentioned that it was incredible training and a great place to make connections and learn from artists with diverse backgrounds. I’m so grateful for the versatile training that I had in Knoxville; however, I didn’t have access to the contemporary instruction that is available to me as a Rambert School student. If you feel that a strong technical foundation is an integral step to pursue a career in the dance industry… this school is the place for you!

Additionally, I LOVE creating. I have been choreographing my own solos for conventions and projects back in the states since I was 10 years old… when I found out that Rambert School encourages choreography and gives students the opportunity to display/perform their work for the public, I immediately became even more interested in the school. I have never seen another dance institution that has a platform for students to create their own work and explore/experiment with their craft like Rambert School does. Now, I am choreographing my own pieces as well as dancing in my fellow classmates’ works.

Q – What is your favourite thing about Rambert School?

A – One of many things I love about Rambert School is the environment. Since I’m an international student and I applied during covid, I wasn’t able to visit London and tour the school until I moved to begin my first term! To be honest, I was scared to walk into the unknown… but all the nerves left my body as soon as I first stepped foot in the school. Rambert School has such a peaceful, welcoming warmth that is pretty hard to explain until you’re here… it feels like family. I love every single person at Rambert School; all of the staff and faculty are so supportive, caring, passionate, and genuine. I feel blessed to be a part of the Rambert School family. 

Q – Can you tell us something we may not know about you?

A – Aside from my deep love for this art form, I’m also passionate about academic studies. Before starting at Rambert School, I took university courses in Psychology, Physiology, Economics, and History/Theology, all of which I really enjoyed. I am hoping to pursue an additional degree in psychology or anthropology in the future!

Q – What’s your New Year’s resolution?

A – Instead of a New Year’s resolution, I always choose a word that I hope to embody. My word of 2023 is ‘discomfort’; in dance, I think that we come across discomfort pretty often. There’s something beautiful to me about being uncomfortable. Comfort is safety; in everyday life, that is most always a good thing. However, dance expects discomfort. If you’re always playing it safe, you’re never risking anything. Risk is needed for us to grow, develop, and flourish. So, this upcoming year, I want to find a healthy balance between comfort and discomfort, looking at the word from a new perspective. I hope to challenge myself to always risk more and, ironically, find comfort in discomfort.


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