Rambert School Code of Conduct

Once you join the School you are expected to share the responsibility for creating an environment in which everyone can learn and enjoy the academic and social life of the School.

Code of Conduct for Postgraduate students 

Rambert School promotes a healthy lifestyle, team work and creativity, whilst actively engaging students in the study of dance so they develop as effective and independent learners. Students need to behave in a professional and consistent manner at all times at Rambert School and on any organised trips.

Code of Conduct for FD/BA degree students

Rambert School asks that you please abide by the following rules:


1. You must respect School property and other people’s belongings.
2. You must help the School with its security by keeping visitors and guests to a minimum and ensuring that all visitors or guests sign in on arrival and are collected from the hallway waiting area. All visitors must sign in and comply with the School visitors system. Permission must be sought in advance for visitor access to the School. Please note that visitors are not allowed to observe any classes or rehearsals except where arranged or agreed by the School.
3. The School cannot give students permission to use external rehearsal spaces (except where organised by the School). Students using external facilities under their own arrangements are not covered by the School’s insurance policies or its Health and Safety Policy and therefore the School cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage sustained off the School premises.
4. Students are not permitted to book rehearsal space at Rambert School on behalf of people external to the school.
5. You must only eat and drink in the designated areas. Eating and drinking (except bottled water) are not allowed in the theatre, studios or the Library. The School is a non-smoking environment apart from the designated area.


1. You must have consideration and respect for everyone else in the School and ensure you are polite and courteous at all times. This includes respecting others’ race and religion; gender; sexual orientation; disability; age; social background and role within the School. You must not harass staff or students for any reason or in any way. Harassment can include bullying, insulting comments, offensive behaviour, jokes, threats and giving people unwanted attention.
2. You must not engage in gambling, consume alcohol or take or deal in illegal substances on School premises. Any drug-induced or drunken behaviour will be subject to disciplinary action.
3. You must move about the learning areas, studios, offices, hallway, car park and grounds in an orderly fashion.
4. You must take care to act safely and not put yourself and others at risk. If there are special safety requirements related to your studies you must comply with them.
5. You must never start, or join in, any physical violence or aggressive behaviour, any act of violence or aggression can lead to your being immediately suspended.

The School Code is there to protect everyone. If you do not follow these rules you may be subject to disciplinary action which could lead to your expulsion from the School.


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