Q&A with Josh Harriette; alumnus, dancer, model and lighting designer

5th September 2018

Q&A with Josh Harriette; alumnus, dancer, model and lighting designer

Quick fire question and answer with Josh Harriette.



What memories fo you have of your time at Rambert School?

Everyone being talented, driven and ambitious, finding their way

What do you think makes Rambert School special?

It’s small and bespoke allowing you to carve your own unique path.  It was at Rambert School I also found my passion for Lighting Design.

How did the training at Rambert School prepare you for a successful career in dance?

Rambert School can put you in a great place to diversify on the spectrum between ballet and contemporary.  Use it to your advantage.

What advice would you give to new students about to start training or heading into the industry?

Diversify! It’s valuable to invest in yourself and other skills/interests outside the studio.  The balance can inform your dancing creatively or even healthily contrast it.  One day you maybe even able to make money from these skills. Alongside dancing, I also do lighting design for dance and have modelled for various fashion brands.

Find out more about Josh’s career on our Alumni page or view his website here.


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