Class of 2020 Photo Gallery - Rambert School

Class of 2020 Photo Gallery

  • Group of contemporary dancers on stage
  • Group of contemporary dancers
  • Contemporary Dancer
  • Contemporary dancers
  • Contemporary Duet
  • Neo-classical ballet group photo
  • Neo classical ballet group

Congratulations to the Class of 2020.

Photos of work in rehearsal for Celebration performance, cancelled due to COVID-19.

Being choreographed by Darren Ellis
To us, with love choreographed by Arielle Smith
6+1 choreographed by Anthony Taylor

Graduating students 2020:

Dan Baines
Clementine Benson
Veronica Biondini
Freya Brown
Caití Carpenter
James Carroll
Laura Cavallari
Orla Collier
Rachele Cortopassi
Hannah Cox
Leonardo De Santis
Abbie Fewster
Joshua Freedman
Jacob Gale
Ludmila Gilles
Catherine Grealish
Amy Harrison
Carl Hughes
Owen Kennedy
Neneka Kobayashi
Nathanie Kokuleraj
Oscar Li
Yan Ting Li
Hannah Lucas
Jonathan Lutwyche
Mario Manara
Matilde Marini
Olivia Nankin
Ciaran Oakley
Tom O’Gorman
Lily Potger
Georgina Powell
Rosie Reith
Li Rong
Cleo Rose
Charlotte Rostron
Kanon Sato
Napasorn Setasartit
Alabama Seymour
Tabitha Somerfield
Dylan Springer
Sapphire Sumpter
Mana Tazaki
Jade Thomas
Phoebe Tomlinson
Cydney Watson
Zoe White
Archie White
Ashlee Wilson
Mathilda Woodward
Karishma Young


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