Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Neurodiversity in the Studio

15th March 2023

Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Neurodiversity in the Studio

What better time to share the exciting research going on inside the walls of Rambert School’s Clifton Lodge, than during national ‘Neurodiversity Celebration Week‘. We’re delighted to have teamed up with alumni and co-founder of Move Beyond Words, Charlotte Edmonds, and OneDanceUK, to research Neurodiversity in the Studio.

The project is focused on developing support strategies for neurotypical and neurodivergent dancers within the studio and in high intensity environments (such as auditions, performances and assessments etc). Neurodivergent people have typically struggled with working in the industry as professional artists, in terms of establishing access needs and navigating practical and administrative tasks.  A neurodivergent dancer’s career can be a frustrating obstacle course and lonely process which ultimately has an effect on self-perception, self-esteem and worth and consequently, mental well-being.

Through this research we hope the attendees will better understand their preferred learning style, and find practical tools to look after their wellbeing, as well as finding ways to support themselves before, during and after entering high-intensity environments.

The findings will be effectively shared through a mini conference and a digital film summarising the research, including footage from the workshops and interviews with the dancers and facilitators. Watch this space over the coming months to find out more about this breakthrough research going on at Rambert School…

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Photographer: Jack Thomson


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