Krump Workshops with Gary Clarke AKA Quake

23rd January 2024

Krump Workshops with Gary Clarke AKA Quake

We have loved having Gary Clarke in for the past few weeks to take our students in extra curricular KRUMP workshops. This has been an exciting opportunity for our students to experience a new style of dance outside of their usual training.

Gary told us a bit about himself and what his class entails, “My name is Gary Clarke AKA Quake and I am a 21 year old movement artist born in London, currently studying at UEL. My main movement language is KRUMP and I have been krumping for around 5 years. I represent the crew, UPG, which was formed while I was training in Birmingham in 2019. The crew champions identity and raw creativity within dance and these are some ideas that I hoped to explore within the classes. My class is essentially an introduction to the style of KRUMP and its nuances. Within the sessions, I hoped to explore the foundational movements and postures of the style while also showcasing how these practices can be used to create in a more broad sense. As an artist, I highly value creativity and original flair and I tailored these sessions to allow the dancers to explore through the language of KRUMP.”


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