Marie Rambert Bursary Fund

For over 100 years Rambert School has had a global impact on the world of dance. As we look towards our next 100 years, we are passionate to continue the traditions of our founder, Marie Rambert whilst pushing our students to be the very best in dance training and education.

The students of Rambert School define our success. Their talent, individuality and creativity set them apart from other dancers and ensures we continue to build on our reputation as a world-leading School.

Many of our students face extremely challenging financial obligations. Over 65% require financial assistance. It is vital to our future and our goal of achieving excellence that we support their training and ensures that we are inclusive and accessible to the very best in international dance talent.

To mark our centenary, we are thrilled to launch the Marie Rambert Bursary Fund. Named in honour of our founder, Marie Rambert, this vital new fund will guarantee we can continue to support our dancers for generations to come.

Annual Giving

We invite the friends and family of Rambert School to pledge an annual donation (minimum £250 per year) for three years. This will help guarantee we can financially support students for their three years of training allowing them to reach their full potential.

How your money can help

£250+ per year A donation of this amount can help toward the associated costs of training including dancewear and audition photos. Pointe shoes alone can be £50, and dancers can need several pairs at a time for class and performance.

£500+ per year Many of our graduates join prestigious international dance companies. Attending auditions for these can be hugely expensive. After three years of training, these costs can be prohibitive which could be detrimental to them achieving their full potential. A donation of this amount will ensure our students are exposed to the very best opportunities.

£1,000+ per year 31% of our students come from families with an annual income of under £25,000 and cannot support their living costs. Students find it difficult to fit part time jobs around their studies and rehearsals and find it difficult to support themselves with rent and other expenses. An annual donation of this amount would help relieve financial anxiety.

£5,000+ per year Every young person should have the opportunity to access excellence in higher education. For many, the tuition fees alone can be a prohibiting factor. Being able to offer support towards annual tuition fees (£9,250 UK students £18,800 overseas students ) is vital to ensure we continue to meet our goal of remaining inclusive and accessible to all.

By supporting our Marie Rambert Bursary Fund, you will be contributing to the future of dance and promising the future of our students.


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