Guest Post: The Insider Guide to the Dance Industry

30th August 2018

Guest Post: The Insider Guide to the Dance Industry

Starting training or taking your first steps into the professional world as a young dancer can be a daunting experience.  So with this in mind we’ve gathered some top advice from our alumni to share with you.

Some advice I received from a teacher at the school was to never be afraid to be a beginner. I think that applies to whatever stage of your career you are at.  There will always be a new technique you haven’t tried before, whether you want to pursue that as a career or not is another matter but there will always be aspects you can apply to your own movement and in the process learn more about who you are and what you enjoy. Be generous, stay curious and stay open minded; every person is full of knowledge and wisdom that they are willing to pass on, if you are willing to accept it.’ – IMOGEN ALVARES

Diversify! It’s valuable to invest in yourself and other skills and interests outside of the studio.  The balance can inform your dancing creatively or even healthily contrast with it.  These additional skills can benefit your career economically and bring variety, for instance I’ve modelled and I’m also a Lighting Designer.’ – JOSH HARRIETTE

‘Expect the unexpected and know your worth. Dance and particularly the contemporary dance landscape is changing so much, company contracts are no longer the only avenue and freelance work can offer so many more opportunities to work in different arena’s. Be as versatile as possible, choreograph, create, direct and educate yourself beyond dance, go to art galleries, see new film and theatre, listen to new music, because its those experiences and connections to other artists that could flourish into bigger collaborations.’ – SIMON DONNELLON



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