Fresh Fridays

2nd October 2018

Fresh Fridays

Fresh Fridays is an exciting aspect of school life for our students.  Each week we have guest choreographers and dance artists visit the School and host workshops.  We’ve hosted classes for world class choreographers and award winning dancers exploring new styles and new ideas with our students.  It’s a brilliant opportunity for our students to create a dynamic timetable for them and allow them to experience different ways of working and thinking.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had Ralf Jaroschinski host a workshop, you can find out more about his extensive international career here.  We’ve also had James Bailey from the Monday Club, a fabulous initiative that brings creatives together to collaborate each week and learn new skills even outside of the dance world.  Fresh Fridays isn’t a new initiative at Rambert School but we haven’t spoken about it in great detail before to the wider Rambert School community.  We promise to share updates on the guest Contemporary and Ballet teachers coming to the School for Fresh Fridays, but will make sure we don’t spoil the surprise for our current students. Stay tuned.


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