Fresh Friday with Sabrina Gargano

27th January 2023

Fresh Friday with Sabrina Gargano

We’re looking forward to welcoming Sabrina Gargano to Rambert School this week for our second and third year student’s Fresh Friday workshop. Sabrina is a freelance dance artist. After completing the Professional Development Jasmin Vardimon Course JV2 in 2014, Sabrina has performed in the U.K. and abroad. She’s collaborated with PanicLab Dance Theatre (U.K.), Gregory Maqoma for Companhia Instàvel (Portugal), Tom Dale (U.K.), Company Idem (Switzerland), Ciemulator Dance Theatre (Switzerland), Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre (U.K.), Fuora Dance Project (U.K.), Victoria Fox for //Tribe (U.K.), Mafalda Deville for Companhia Instavel (Portugal), Becky Namgauds and Jasmin Vardimon (U.K), performing in the title role of Jasmin’s Pinocchio.

Sabrina also encountered David Zambrano during her career, who’s completely influenced her creative work and has continued to inspire her. Another collaborator of note is Verena Schneider. Their duet was performed in Italy, London, and North Ireland. Sabrina has been commissioned to choreograph for the Youth company at The Point, Pera University, and Lincoln University. She teaches pro classes and workshops in the U.K. and around Europe, and is the Programme Leader for JV2 2019-20 and 2020-21.

In 2019 Sabrina started to collaborate with the artist Rafa Jagat for the creation of their first duet A Ciegas (which already won two prizes), and the online project May You Listen? for JV2. In 2020 they founded Elelei Dance Theatre Company, who recently finished their new production Soy Madera which premiered in Portugal in May 2022.

Sabrina describes her workshop as very physical and dynamic, drawing from her background and experience as a professional dance artist. The class will include exercises that allow connecting breath and body, improvisation to stimulate imagination and creativity, floor work, which is very enriched by the use of spirals, fast transitions to challenge coordination and stamina, and a big influence of capoeira which is inspiring Sabrina’s work for eight years. Those elements are fused into a practice that has a focus on grounding, efficiency, fluidity, and connection through space and in and out of the floor through acrobatic transitions but interconnecting with the group and the space. Another exciting tutor for our students to be inspired by!


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