Fresh Friday with Joshua Shanny-Wynter

14th October 2022

Fresh Friday with Joshua Shanny-Wynter

Rambert School is excited to have Joshua Wynter running our Fresh Friday workshops today. Our Fresh Friday workshops give the second and third year students a chance to explore different dance artist practices and expose them to different styles outside of their usual training. Joshua is a dancer and choreographer from North London. His first introduction to movement was through Hip Hop which to this day remains a core element in his movement and choreographic style. At he age of sixteen, Joshua began his formative training in Contemporary and Ballet at the Brit School where he became a member of Khronos Agoria which he attributes as a major part of his development. He then went on to attain his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 2019. Whilst in training, Joshua further developed his unique style of movement fusing both elements of Hip Hop and Contemporary to form his practise. Upon graduating, Joshua has had the opportunity to work with many different acclaimed choreographers within a vast range of mediums, all of which have greatly influenced his ever evolving voice.

Some of his credits include; Touring the UK with Company Incandescence, moving to China to Co-Choreograph an original musical ‘Home’. He has also had multiple experiences working on major movies such as; ‘Everybody’s talking about Jamie’, and other major Disney works that he currently cannot disclose. Alongside this Joshua has featured in numerous multi media projects, ranging from music videos to short films and more. In 2021, he co-choreographed for The Rambert School show ‘The Next Generation’. Along side his performance and Choreographic career, he continues to teach his unique style of movement in different London studios. Most recently Joshua has worked with Far From the Norm performing BLKDOG, an award winning show from Choreographer Botis Seva.

In his classes, as well as teaching his techniques, Joshua encourages his students to encompass a level of autonomy, actively allowing space for individual interpretation and embodiment. We are excited to see how the fusion between Hip Hop and Contemporary ignites our students’ imaginations. 


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