Fresh Friday with Faye Stoeser

11th November 2022

Fresh Friday with Faye Stoeser

Our second and third year students are ready to enjoy another brilliant #FreshFriday workshop. This week hosted by Faye Stoeser, who is a freelance Dance Artist specialising in contemporary and Voguing. Her professional credits include Rambert2 (working with Benoit Swan Pouffer, Ohad Naharin); Richard Chappell Dance, Agudo Dance Company, Dickson Mbi, Julia Cheung and more; with commercial credits including BBC, Years and Years and numerous brands.

Alongside Faye’s dance career she is an active member of the Ballroom Scene since 2016, known under the name of Faye Revlon after joining the Iconic House of Revlon in 2017. Faye has travelled internationally winning many prizes in her specialist category New Way Vogue, gaining international recognition leading to her being given the title of UK Princess of the Iconic House of Revlon. Faye has been invited to teach workshops and judge balls and competitions internationally and since 2020 has been organising her own Balls in London.

Voguing is a style from a subculture called Ballroom, pioneered by the Black and Lantinx LGBTQ community. Ballroom originated in Harlem NYC with its origins dating as far back as the 1920’s with Voguing developing in the 1980’s. There are 3 main styles of Voguing: the first was Old Way and later developed New Way and Vogue Fem.

Today, Faye will be teaching a New Way Vogue workshop giving an insight to New Way foundations, and history of the style and Ballroom Scene. The foundations will be explored through short phrases and concept based tasks.


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