Fresh Friday with Ditte Berkeley

21st October 2022

Fresh Friday with Ditte Berkeley

We are excited to welcome Ditte Berkeley today for our Fresh Friday workshop. Fresh Friday gives our second and third years a break from the traditional curriculum to end the week in style with an external dance artist. Ditte is an independent artist who focuses on the use of song within her performances.

Ditte is a performer with Teatr ZAR and co-created their first four performances. She is also a researcher at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław. As well as being a theatre practitioner she was the initiator of the cyclical festival event VoicEncounters, hosted by the Grotowski Institute, and dedicated to the phenomena of vocal traditions around the world. She also co-organized, in collaboration with CPR (Wales), the international festival “Giving Voice” in Wrocław in 2009. She has worked alongside Studio Matejka and has been responsible for some of their vocal/singing training. Co-leader of workshops: “Into the Sound” with Teatr ZAR and Awakening the Listening Body with Matejka. Now she conducts her own research in voice and leads her own workshop Voice Tale (Speaking Song) in Poland and internationally.

Describing this afternoon’s sessions Ditte says ‘The work I will be leading will be a simple and playful approach to exploring a physical connection to the voice, so that the experience of making sound becomes a very clear physical and physically connected process.’ She hopes to touch upon physical intentions in the voice end with our students in a common harmonisation.


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