Fresh Friday with Caramel Soldier

2nd December 2022

Fresh Friday with Caramel Soldier

It’s a brilliant surprise to have an extra Fresh Friday to see out the term! Today we welcome Caramel Soldier, who has been in the creative arts for over 20 years. Marching strong with her ethos of “Earn Your Stripes”

1. To know yourself

2. Interdependency

3. Progression in everything you do.

Her works include performing for artists such as Whitney Houston, Mel-B (Spice Girls) and the Black Eyed Peas. Teaching at world-renowned studios such as Pineapple UK, The Broadway Dance centre NYC and Debbie Allen Dance Academy LA.

Caramel has always been a cultural producer in the dance scene working with companies like the Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival in New York and creating her own education programs for the hip-hop dance scene and the enthusiasts in the UK. This includes Pieces of House, a concept sharing her knowledge and experience of House Dance, together with its culture through a 5-piece jigsaw that connects the elements and the community of what makes up this social dance. Her latest venture is Hart Dance (@h4rtdance), an intergenerational social dance to get everyone connecting together again on the dance floor.

Today, Caramel hopes to encourage our students to follow her march and earn their stripes!


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