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Questions on digital submission and audition process

Overview of our September 2022 audition process – Stage 1

Like all schools and universities, we have had to adapt our audition process for September 2022 entry. The process reflects a lot of what we would normally do in an in-person audition. As in previous years, you will be asked to write a personal statement.

For the digital submission, we have put together a series of videos for you to follow, reproduce the phrases and exercises and respond to the creative task. 

  • There is a ballet barre section which is divided into two videos of a few exercises. For this section, you are welcome to send in a separate piece of pre-filmed evidence. We accept past films of solos or performances for ballet.
  • The contemporary phrases have been designed not to need space as this would not be fair. Our teachers have learnt to adapt work which can still fill the space but without needing to travel. 
  • For improvisation, it is an open task.

You will need to film yourself and submit the videos. Please remember we understand that for most people they will be in small domestic spaces not suited to dancing. We are looking  for dancers who embody movement and show potential to train and succeed in our School  and not high-quality film production. 

Stage 1 Audition Questions

We look for willingness and openness to try new things. Dance technique is important in the School, but we are not necessarily looking for dancers who are already strong: that is what training is for. Passion, expressivity, creativity, physicality and musicality/dynamics are very important to us-we seek individuals and our students come from an extremely divers range of backgrounds, countries and previous training situations. We look for an attitude that demonstrates a dancer is willing to become better at something and work hard. Try not to put yourself in a box or think of yourself as a particular type of dancer – we want dancers who are versatile. We like to see students challenge themselves.

We would like to see the films in one take with no editing ideally within the exercise itself. Avoid learning it and filming it until you get it perfect. The purpose of the filming is to show us your energy and personality. Dynamics, phrasing and breath are what we are looking for, not getting the exercises correct.

We are not judging on your spaces or quality of the film. We are all in very different spaces and having very different experiences. If the occasional hands or feet are out of shot, please do not worry!

No. We are happy to accept students who have very little pointe work, we are looking for potential not a finished dancer. If students are offered a place, they would be offered additional coaching sessions while in School. Students who are not on pointe should let teacher know at the start of the audition.

Applicants are required to create and perform a solo piece as part of the second stage audition process only- if an applicant is unable to attend the second stage audition in person or on zoom,  we will of course accept a recording of the solo and if required would arrange for a 1:1 interview via Zoom . 

Please either use the music provided on the video or use your own music, we really do not mind.

The deadline is 5pm, Friday 5 March for UK applicants but please do submit as soon as you are ready. Second Stage auditions are planned for the 19, 20 & 22 March.

Please see International Students for extended deadline for International students.

This is an open task, and we share lots of ideas and thoughts in the video. Listen to the advice you are given. It is not about dancing your favourite moves, be honest and experiment with it. Try not to set it too much.

Be yourself! We have watched your technique videos at this point and now we want to see you play. Think about your relationship with the camera, play with being close and distant and be creative in the space you have.

You will hear back from us two weeks after you submit your Stage 1 digital submission . 

Stage 2 Audition questions

The interview is there to see if Rambert School is the right school for you. It is an opportunity for you to ask us questions too to help you make your decision.

We are unique, in certainly the UK ,with what we deliver. Our emphasis is on both contemporary and ballet which does not mean you need to be great at both. It is about a desire to learn and work hard on both.  We are looking for people who are open and willing.

This will depend on your country and the UK government guidelines. The Admissions Team will contact you on an individual basis to discuss.

We will consider all applications and digital auditions on their individual merit and may ask selected applicants to submit a solo by video and attend an online interview in lieu of being able to attend our Stage 2 audition process.  Please note if you are unable to attend Stage 2 audition in person, this will not have a negative impact on your application outcome, we intend to either invite you to attend audition via zoom or will request a solo and arrange a 1:1 interview.

What happens after the Stage 2 Auditions?

We do not have a set number; all our year groups are different sizes.

We usually have around 140 students in total studying the FD/Ba (Hons) Ballet and Contemporary Dance course. 


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