February Focus: Sephora Ferrillo

27th February 2023

February Focus: Sephora Ferrillo

Introducing another exciting February Focus, 2022 Graduate Sephora Ferrillo from Italy. Throughout February we have been spotlighting recent graduates to inspire the next generation of Rambert School students, who are currently auditioning all around the world for a place on our FD/BA course in Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

Q – What do you think makes Rambert School so special, Sephora?

A – I would say that the thing that makes Rambert so special is its environment. I feel like in other schools, dancers are so afraid of pushing themselves and making mistakes in the process , because of what their teachers might say to them. At Rambert School the training is liberating. I have always felt so free to try new things, even if they didn’t work first time, to find my authentic self.

Q – How has Rambert School’s training impacted your career?

A – I think it had a huge impact on my dancing career, not only because of the name and the weight that Rambert School has in the industry, but also because I learned so much and the teachers helped me a lot over my three years training.

Q – So Sephora, where are you now?

A – Right now I’m working with “Metamorphosis Dance Company” in Madrid (iratxe Ansa & igor bacovich).

Congratulations Sephora! We look forward to following your career journey, for many years to come.

Want to follow in Sephora’s footsteps? Rambert School is coming to Italy in March 2023 for auditions and young dancer workshops. Email Teresita del Vecchio for more information.





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