February Focus: Mattia Trematerra

14th February 2023

February Focus: Mattia Trematerra

Throughout February 2023, we’ll be touching base with some of our alumni to inspire our auditionees all over the World. Our first February Focus is 2022 Graduate, Mattia Trematerra from Italy.

Q – Mattia, tell us about your time training at Rambert School.

A – Rambert School gives you full ballet and contemporary dance training, and it is very special. The teaching team gives their everything to nurture you as a dancer, and to make you as individual and creative as possible. They work every day to help you on your Rambert School journey, giving you advice and also providing you with extra coaching if you need it. Another big shout-out to the pastoral team in the office, who are always there to help you whenever you need something. The environment at Rambert School embraces everyone, no matter your gender, race, or your sexual orientation. It provides a safe environment for your growth on both a dancing and personal level. After three years you feel at home and it becomes a big family.

Q – How has your time training at Rambert School impacted your career?

A – Rambert School has had a huge impact on my career, but also myself as a person. I grew a lot over the three years and the training has got me to a place where I now feel ready to meet the “outside world”. Before Rambert School, auditioning was very daunting, I did not feel ready at all. The school gives you a lot of experience, working with many different choreographers and professional artists. By the time I graduated I felt ready to start my artistic journey and to jump into the dance industry.

Q – The most exciting question, where are you now Mattia?

A – I graduated in July 2022 and in August 2022 I joined the company Conny Janssen Danst in The Netherlands, as an intern and from next season I will be a professional dancer in the company.

Want to follow in Mattia’s footsteps? Rambert School is coming to Italy in March 2023 for auditions and workshops. Email Teresita del Vecchio for more information.


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