Farewell to Pre-Vocational Graduates

3rd August 2022

Farewell to Pre-Vocational Graduates

Not only have our third years graduated from Rambert School, but we have also bid farewell to twenty of our Pre Vocational students, who are moving on to full-time vocational training.

The graduates will be gracing the studios of nine top dance universities including Central School of Ballet, LCDS, NSCD and Laban, to name a few, with seven joining us at Rambert School. We look forward to welcoming Amari, Erin, Izzy, Jemima, Lottie, Nick and Scout in September.

Rambert School’s Pre Vocational Course, much like our FD/BA, trains participants equally in Ballet and Contemporary Dance, to prepare them for further training:

“Being a part of Pre Voc has helped me develop confidence and refine my classical training.”

“My individuality as a contemporary dancer has improved tremendously. I have developed a style that’s my own and I wouldn’t be where I am without Pre Voc.”

“Pre Voc has given me a concrete understanding of Ballet and contemporary technique and has allowed me to find my own personal style.”

The course acts as an enhancement, to take the dancer’s training to the next level:

“Being part of Pre Voc has widened my view of the dance sector and has really helped give me an insight into further training and the course has been there to bridge that gap and support me throughout my journey.”

Our faculty is made up of teachers who work full-time at Rambert School, and Pre Voc focused staff members, as well as guests tutors, and masters in the dance industry:

“The teachers have always shown so much support for all the students and take the time to help every dancer in any way they can. I feel that this has not only allowed me to improve my technique in both Ballet and Contemporary but has also helped to improve my confidence!”

Following our Rambert School mantra, that Excellence Comes in All Forms, Pre Voc caters to each individual’s needs and helps them find their authentic self:

“Pre Voc has helped me grow as an individual dancer, no one is pushed to dance in a specific way or like another person, we are all encouraged to move in a way that feels natural/ right to us. Before Pre Voc, I was very self-conscious about how I danced and now I dance with a sense of freedom while feeling positive about myself.”

We’re so proud to see how the graduating cohort have grown and look forward to following their future careers. We wish you all the best!

For more information on Rambert School’s Pre Vocational Course, visit our website:

And for those looking to build their foundational skills as a dancer, or perhaps haven’t been exposed to as many opportunities in dance, check out Rambert School’s Pre[pare] Course. Applications for the next intake are currently live:


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