Dora FrankelFounder of Dora Frankel Dance

Dora Frankel trained at Rambert School 1967-71 and later as choreologist at The Benesh Institute. She joined Rambert Company as choreologist, also performing in Cruel Garden among other works. During her 50 year career here and abroad, mainly America and Scandinavia, she has combined choreography and dance and theatre performance with education and outreach work, including most notably the design and leadership of Angered Gymnasium’s dance programme. On her return from Sweden she gained an MA Choreography, Middlesex University and located to Newcastle upon Tyne, where she formed Dora Frankel Dance, before revisioning it as Fertile Ground touring contemporary dance company in 2013. She stepped aside in 2018, handing over to Malgorzata Dzierzon and Renaud Wiser and continues an eclectic independent career.


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