Student Life

Inspirational Learning

In the Morning

Ballet classes usually take place in the morning. All classes are taught by world-leading teachers and are accompanied by live musicians. Ballet is generally taught in single gender groups, with additional pointe work classes for ladies and virtuosity classes for men. Students come together for pas de deux classes.

Contemporary class in the afternoon

Contemporary classes usually take place in the afternoon. An array of expert teachers lead classes in Graham and Cunningham techniques and other contemporary styles. Students are also exposed to a diverse range of dance styles during Fresh Fridays, the weekly guest teacher workshops. Choreography, improvisation and critical studies classes are also held during the afternoon.

Between class

Between classes students can use the library, the computer suite and vacant studios for personal practice and choreographic work. The Screening, Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit is also available for body conditioning and Pilates and for focussed remedial coaching. Students are able to borrow costumes from a well-stocked wardrobe, to inspire new choreography and relive the great classical solos in full character. The student lounge is open at all times and is the perfect space for reflection, relaxation and refuelling on snacks from the healthy vending machine.

Songs, Lamentations and Praises


An extract from Songs, Lamentations and Praises, performed at Stratfird Circus Arts, London on 28th June 2016. Choreographed by Robert Cohan CBE, staged and rehearsed by Paul Liburd MBE.


Storm choreographed by Rambert School student Arielle Smith Jones, performed at Stratford Circus Arts, 28th June 2016.


Uwe Scholz’s Firebird, staged and rehearsed by Paul Clarke, performed at Stratford Circus Arts, 28th June 2016.

Gypsy Souls

Student Choreography is presented at the end of year performances.
Gypsy Souls, choreographed by Panos Malactos, film by FayeFilm in the Anya Linden Studio at Rambert School.

Student Choreography [02:10]

A day in a life of a Rambert Student contains a vast range of activities, from technique classes to choreography, rehearsals and critical studies.

[02:10] Choreographer Rambert student Maybelle Lek